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World Leaders where Unstructured Autonomy meets Dynamic Logistics

Three Pattern Baggage Robots

Our Mission

We're on a mission to bring predictability and efficiency to the most demanding, fastest paced, dynamic logistics problems on Earth.


We're doing it with a respect for people and an eye for a safer, cleaner, more equitable environment at every turn.


There can be a  harmonious rhythm to the way the world moves, and we're here to be the conductors.

Our Story

The Pattern Team has deep roots in unstructured autonomy, aerospace, and optimizing complex logistics processes. Our shared DNA goes back nearly a decade when we solved hard unstructured autonomy problems for warehouses and manufacturing centers using ground breaking 3D change invariant localization at Canvas Technology. Canvas was acquired by Amazon in 2019 and we continued to push technology barriers and learn the key lessons to scale these systems safely, quickly, and reliably. 

With this experience - and bright colored experience from new faces joining the group - we're here to help airport ground operations implement autonomy and accompanying systems today. 

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Amazon Robotics Logo
Pattern Team at an Airport
Pattern Team

Our Values


We get to spend every day building robots, engineering, thinking, and tinkering in the most beautiful place on Earth - that gets us revved up! We're designing and defining the future, we get to do that! Enthusiasm isn't necessarily optimistic or pessimistic, but it's an energy and passion we bring to the mission and product development every day.


Everyone at Pattern has an attitude of service. We're always actively seeking out opportunities to help each other, and then following through. No one is above any task, and we all pitch in wherever we can and lift each other up every step of the way. 

Value Focus

Rather than building abstract technology solutions, we are laser focused on an application and the real world. How do we know if something is working? It’s doing the job.


The only way we know something works is trying it. In the customer environment. Speculation and thought are helpful, but the best test of our knowledge and assumptions is running it in the real world


We’re open about everything. Transparency helps us to get feedback from unexpected sources, allows people to bring forward great ideas since they’re aware of the larger context, and ensures we’re doing the right things.


Do what’s right for Pattern. We avoid approval chains or lengthy review processes when we know the right thing to do. It’s faster to fix a few small mistakes than to lose time buried in discussion.

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